Keystone Pride Conference 2016

First event for Philly Pride will be the 2016 Keystone Pride Conference, Sunday, March 20, 2016, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Details on our Keystone Pride events page.  We expect every Pennsylvania gay pride group to attend as well as several out-of-state attendees.  We continue to separate ourselves from our fellow Pride groups because of the anti-trans provisions in Interpride’s bylaws which reserve presidential positions and 4 vice presidential positions to those self-identified as “male” or “female.”  We therefore don’t participate in other conferences.  The Keystone Conference is unique in that it is free to participate in, and, being only a day, hotel costs can be avoided as well.  Most Pride groups lack sufficient financial resources to attend conferences,  and therefore those needing the most help are often the ones prevented from getting it.  We learn from each other — our successes as well as our failures.  We will have several pertinent and helpful workshops.