Philly Pride has a lot of people to thank


Are You Connected? was our rhetorical question/slogan for the 2016 PrideDay celebration.  When we go through the list of people to thank, we can see just how much we rely on each other and that connectedness to bring off our event.

Our Volunteers, PrideDay just couldn’t happen without them!

Congressman Bob Brady, Mayor James Kenney, Rep.Brian Sims, Rep. Dwight Evens, Councilman Mark Squilla, Councilman Bill Greenlee & Councilwoman Helen Gym

Our Parade Judges & Announcers, Jim Donovan, Rudy Flesher, Jim O’Toole, Tami Sortman, Rue Landau, Tara Lessard, John Loesch, Samantha Giusti,

Jen Victor, Deborah Johnson, Marc Coleman, Anne Fadullon, Gary Hines, Landis Osbourne, Rep. Brian Sims & Joan Manuel Rivera and our parade security “Ingage”

Our Grand Marshals, Mayor Jim Kenney, Paige Cortez, Vincent Taylor,City of Philadelphia employees, Honored Guest Stonewall Veteran Nance Lomax


A whole lot of other people to thank: Out Entertainment performers and stage crew, Deborah Cox, Jessica Kirson, BETTY, Prancing Elites, Jade Starling, Pure Dance Fusion, Queer Tango, Steve Cohen, Dan Callahan, Henri David, Greg Giovanni, Manny aka Alexis Cartier, Timmy Lynch, DJ June Rodriquez, Dale Varga, Jennifer Alvarez, Rainere Hale Martin, Jay Gates, Lisa Thompson, Kimberly Bonner, Deaf Interpretors, Les Price, Ken Gardner & Erik Jefferson, Paul Struck, Jen, Larry, Prab of PGN, Jimmy Masiak, Royal Bank Tellers, Stephanie Love, Monica Burns, John McNeill, John Fluehr, Justin Schneider, Denise Giannascoli Blum, Tammi Coleman, Linda Martin, Kevin Turner, John Brady, Nic Greiner, Bill Hunt, Alex Lewis, Jay Pugh, Allen Harris, Aaron Morgan, Sal Loggia, Jamie Roberts, Tracy Buchholz, Jason Campbell, Kris Foreman, Robert & Carmela Pinto, Bill Wood, Steve Carlino, Randall (UBAR) Darryl DiPriano, Jeff Sotland, Philadelphia Freedom Band, Liberty Tennis Association, PNC, Christopher Hendricks, Carrie Jacobs, Rich Lee, Philadelphia Family Pride, Bob & Barbara’s, Mazzoni Center, Chuck Volz, Franny Price, Denise & Mike Amoroso, Zach Blum, Sarah Reice, Chris Bartlett, Avis Albuladejo, Eric Bunting, Dannielle & Jimmy Archambault, Albert Fernandez, Philadelphia Gay Mens Chorus, Earl Driscoll, Alex Davis, Phyllis Ehrlich, Sharon Tice DelCotto, Gabby Worthington, Mark Segal, Marlo Clarke, Steve Getzo, John McMinn, Scot Gansl, Steve McCann, Melissa Donovan,, Josh Schonewolf, Jo Mason, Kathy Ochs, Rocco Gallelli, Innovative Catering, William Way LGBT Center, Justin Ackerman, Shelvia Williams, Joe Forkin, David Moore, Jody Milkman, Poncho, David Moore, Michael Peabody, Domenic Gallelli, Tami Sortman, the Reps from our sponsors, Penn’s Landing Staff, Dori Shields. 

Thanks as well to the lovers, partners, wives, husbands, children of our Pride Committee.

We have to thank our volunteers again.

Sorry if we forgot to thank you, please email us and we will make sure we thank you on our website.