Keystone Pride Conference

The 3rd Annual Keystone LGBT Pride Conference will held in Harrisburg, Saturday, March 25.  Information on the event can be found Keystone Pride Events.  Our first two conferences were so successful that we outgrew both locations.  State Representative Brian Sims has secured us another space in Harrisburg so we have activated our page and the registration form for any pride group wishing to attend. 

There is no fee to attend this conference. We have deliberately kept it free to encourage all pride groups to attend.  Most groups work on hopes and prayers and volunteers so a registration fee sometime places an insurmountable obstacle to the very groups needing the most help and assistance.  Our conference was intended for Pennsylvania groups, but any pride group wishing to attend should do so.

Please note that this is Saturday, March 25, 2017.  Our previous conferences were on Sundays, but logistics in an almost vacant Harrisburg capital complex made logistics almost impossible.  We hope the change of the conference day will not be a hardship for those wishing to attend.