OutFest 2016 a Phenomenal Success

Although it started out raining on your coordinators as we set up OutFest 2016, the day grew nicer and nicer and our unique celebration of National Coming Out Day was a phenomenal success.  We thank our coordinators, our volunteers, the 160+ organizations and vendors who partnered with us, our entertainers, and, of course, all those who came. We continue to put the Philadelphia LGBT community on the map with the largest National Coming Out Day event in the world and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Recent Community Events

Given recent events, ICandy will have no outside presence during OutFest 2016. Philly Pride will not promote ICandy any further as a major sponsor. Unfortunately all printed matter has already been prepared. Philly will take any ICandy promotions off of our website

OutProud winners

Philly Pride announces our 2016 OutProud Winners:

Bebashi — OutProud Award
Leon King II — Gilbert Baker National OutProud Award
Sharon L. Cooks — Jaci Adams OutProud Transgender Award
Robert Brisbon — Outstanding Youth

We salute all our deserving winners.  Thank you for your service to our community.

Chipotle — Eat for Change


Tuesday, October 11, 2016 

Mark that day on your calendar.  Every Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Chipotle location will be doing a fundraiser for Philly Pride and between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m.  50% of the proceeds of your meal will be donated to Philly Pride Presents — the good folks who do the Gay Pride Parade and Festival in June and OutFest in October.  All you need to do is bring in the flyer, a copy of which can be downloaded here: chipotle, show it or your smartphone, or tell the cashier you are supporting the cause.  You can have a good meal and support the LGBT community at the same time — what could be better?

October 11 is National Coming Out Day — therefore a perfect day to make this donation.

We are gearing up for OutFest

When we do PrideDay on the2nd Sunday in June, we know we are heading into summer. As soon as Labor Day is upon us, we know summer is over and that its time for OutFest. This OutFest, Sunday, October 9, 2016, will be our 26th celebration of National Coming Out Day. Not only is this the biggest LGBT event of the year in Philadelphia, with upwards of 45,000 participants, it is the largest NCOD event in the world. It is a big neighborhood block party in the heart of the Gayborhood. All businesses do something outside as well as inside. It is free to attend. There is food, drink, entertainment . . . . . . who can ask for more? Your pride coordinators are rolling up their sleeves to do their best and reflect what makes the Philadelphia LGBT community unique! Come and join us.

Pride Day Financials

Philly Pride Presents Inc. wishes to publicize its Financial Statement for our June 12, 2016, PrideDay celebration:


Kick-off  (Wristbands & Amusements)                          $   6,650.00
PrideDay Wristbands                                                    $ 96,483.00
Beverage Sales                                                             $ 21,780.00
Merchandise                                                                  $      575.00
Registrations                                                                 $ 14,750.00
Sponsorship Fees (Annual Prorated per event)           $ 25,000.00
                   TOTAL INCOME                                      $165,238.00


Site & Rentals (Venue, Tables, Chairs, Tents, Radios, Fence, Toilets,)                            $20,802.00
Entertainment  (Performers, Stage Management, Stage Security, Sound)                        $39,450.00
Promotion (Pride Guide, Teasers, Banners, Signage, Photography)                                  $ 9,300.00
everage Purchase (Beer, Stoli, Wine, Mixes, Jugs, Ice, Red Bull, Tax)                              $10,857.00
Permits & Insurance                                                                                                             $ 8,130.00
Transportation (Golf Carts, Float, Parking & Shuttle)                                                           $ 4,165.00
T-Shirts                                                                                                                                 $ 1,347.00
Misc (Stationary, Mailing,  Trophies, Badges, Awards, Merchandise, Amusements         $ 20,671.00
Volunteer Food, Consultant/Staff Fees, Parade/Kick-off Security, Wristbands)
Salaries      (as of June 31, 2016)                                                                                       $24,000.00
Due from 2016 – Annual Reminder Rentals Insurance/loan                                               $22,700.00
TOTAL EXPENSES                                                                                                          $161,422.00


Income                 $165,238.00
Expenses             $161,442.00
                                  $3,796.00  seed money for OutFest

Philly Pride’s 2nd round of thank you’s


In keeping with the interconnectivity of our 2016 theme, PrideDay is certainly a collaboration of efforts, and we need to thank:


To Our Sponsors for without their financial support we couldn’t put on a fabulous PrideDay:  12th Street Gym, Aramark, Andre Richards Salon, Angry Orchard, AT&T, Barefoot Wine, BikeStop, Blue Moon, Boxers, Campbell Soup Company, Capital One, Comcast, Coors, Discover Financial, FIAT, Funky Junk Wipes, Hardrock Café, Hilton Garden Inn, ICANDY, Lincoln Financial, Knock, More Thank Just Ice Cream, Optimal Sport Health Club, PECO, Penn Medicine, Philadelphia Gay News, Red Bull, Sonesta Philadelphia, Space & Company, Spruce Street Video, Stoli, Sugar House Casino, Sundance Vacations, TABU, Tavern on Broad, Tavern on Camac, TD Bank, TMobile, UBAR, Voyeur, Walgreens, Woody’s, Yuengling & Zip Car.

 Our Venue, the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, is the nicest on the east coast and maybe in the nation.   Thank you, Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, for letting us celebrate at Penn’s Landing Great Plaza. Thank you Independence Park for letting us have our reviewing stand on the most historic area in the country.

 City of Philadelphia:  Manager Directors office for the parade permits, special event permits, the block party permits, Mayor’s office of LGBT Affairs for proclamations, citations, and the 6th District police and traffic police for making sure our parade participants get to the festival safe.   It was extra sensitive as our event was immediately post Orlando, but the PPD was out in force.  Thank you Jazelle Jones, Robert Allen, Michele Sabb, Andrew McDougal, Nellie Fitzpatrick.

 The other companies that help make PrideDay happen:  Casswood Insurance, Golf Cart Services, Bette Bounces, Left of Center Productions, Party Center Rentals, National Fence Rentals, Pottie Queen, City Engraving, Delaware River Waterfront Corp.

Philly Pride has a lot of people to thank


Are You Connected? was our rhetorical question/slogan for the 2016 PrideDay celebration.  When we go through the list of people to thank, we can see just how much we rely on each other and that connectedness to bring off our event.

Our Volunteers, PrideDay just couldn’t happen without them!

Congressman Bob Brady, Mayor James Kenney, Rep.Brian Sims, Rep. Dwight Evens, Councilman Mark Squilla, Councilman Bill Greenlee & Councilwoman Helen Gym

Our Parade Judges & Announcers, Jim Donovan, Rudy Flesher, Jim O’Toole, Tami Sortman, Rue Landau, Tara Lessard, John Loesch, Samantha Giusti,

Jen Victor, Deborah Johnson, Marc Coleman, Anne Fadullon, Gary Hines, Landis Osbourne, Rep. Brian Sims & Joan Manuel Rivera and our parade security “Ingage”

Our Grand Marshals, Mayor Jim Kenney, Paige Cortez, Vincent Taylor,City of Philadelphia employees, Honored Guest Stonewall Veteran Nance Lomax


A whole lot of other people to thank: Out Entertainment performers and stage crew, Deborah Cox, Jessica Kirson, BETTY, Prancing Elites, Jade Starling, Pure Dance Fusion, Queer Tango, Steve Cohen, Dan Callahan, Henri David, Greg Giovanni, Manny aka Alexis Cartier, Timmy Lynch, DJ June Rodriquez, Dale Varga, Jennifer Alvarez, Rainere Hale Martin, Jay Gates, Lisa Thompson, Kimberly Bonner, Deaf Interpretors, Les Price, Ken Gardner & Erik Jefferson, Paul Struck, Jen, Larry, Prab of PGN, Jimmy Masiak, Royal Bank Tellers, Stephanie Love, Monica Burns, John McNeill, John Fluehr, Justin Schneider, Denise Giannascoli Blum, Tammi Coleman, Linda Martin, Kevin Turner, John Brady, Nic Greiner, Bill Hunt, Alex Lewis, Jay Pugh, Allen Harris, Aaron Morgan, Sal Loggia, Jamie Roberts, Tracy Buchholz, Jason Campbell, Kris Foreman, Robert & Carmela Pinto, Bill Wood, Steve Carlino, Randall (UBAR) Darryl DiPriano, Jeff Sotland, Philadelphia Freedom Band, Liberty Tennis Association, PNC, Christopher Hendricks, Carrie Jacobs, Rich Lee, Philadelphia Family Pride, Bob & Barbara’s, Mazzoni Center, Chuck Volz, Franny Price, Denise & Mike Amoroso, Zach Blum, Sarah Reice, Chris Bartlett, Avis Albuladejo, Eric Bunting, Dannielle & Jimmy Archambault, Albert Fernandez, Philadelphia Gay Mens Chorus, Earl Driscoll, Alex Davis, Phyllis Ehrlich, Sharon Tice DelCotto, Gabby Worthington, Mark Segal, Marlo Clarke, Steve Getzo, John McMinn, Scot Gansl, Steve McCann, Melissa Donovan, PhillyGayCalendar.com, Josh Schonewolf, Jo Mason, Kathy Ochs, Rocco Gallelli, Innovative Catering, William Way LGBT Center, Justin Ackerman, Shelvia Williams, Joe Forkin, David Moore, Jody Milkman, Poncho, David Moore, Michael Peabody, Domenic Gallelli, Tami Sortman, the Reps from our sponsors, Penn’s Landing Staff, Dori Shields. 

Thanks as well to the lovers, partners, wives, husbands, children of our Pride Committee.

We have to thank our volunteers again.

Sorry if we forgot to thank you, please email us and we will make sure we thank you on our website.

Philly Pride Reflects on Orlando Tragedy

rainbow awareness ribbon

On Sunday Philly Pride was aware of the unfolding of events in Orlando, but certainly none of the specifics.  Our volunteers and coordinators were on the street as early as 5:30 a.m. and continued our PrideDay parade and festival with an overwhelming presence from the Philadelphia Police Department, unaware of the grisly details that would emerge over the next several days.

When Philly Pride was formed in 1989, its specific task was to continue the parade and festival that had occurred spontaneously that year and proved so successful.  Philly Pride also organizes OutFest in October, which, although a National Coming Out Day event and not specifically a gay pride event, serves a similar purpose.  We have remained true to our directive from the community over the years, and our events have grown ever larger and more successful as we endeavor to showcase our community and its various permutations.

Therefore, our raison d’etre is to conduct the most public expression of our community’s pride, which, unfortunately, exposes us to disruption by those with anti-LGBT feelings and beliefs, and, in the case of what transpired in Orlando, exposes us to hatred and harm as well.   As we mourn the victims and try to make sense out of the incomprehensible we remain resolute and uncowed in doing our events the way we have done so the last 28 years.   We believe the victims in Orlando are best served by our commitment.

We applaud the other pride organizations throughout the United States and the rest of the world who will bravely continue their celebrations and put themselves at risk.  Pride events like Philadelphia’s are not done frivolously and in derogation or denial of the horrors in Orlando.  Our events simply must be continued because to not do so would give the perpetrators of hatred and violence exactly what they desire.