Planning Has Commenced for our 30th PrideDay

We have begun to make plans for the PrideDay LGBT Pride Parade and Festival. This year will be our 30th anniversary/birthday. This year we are returning to our normal second Sunday in June, which is June 10, 2018, as events last year in Washington D.C. made us delay our scheduling for a week. Believe it or not, we have already had some meetings about OutFest 2018 even though it is 10 months away. Because so many elements and organizations of our community depend on our events to showcase themselves, it is important that we stay active and always planning for the future. If you are interested in becoming more active with us, please feel free to attend our meetings.

On Site Meeting Date Changed

Volunteers please note:  Because of the preexisting use of the ballroom at the William Way Community Center, Philly Pride has rescheduled its on-site meeting for Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 6:30 p.m.  We look forward to meeting with our coordinators, staff, and volunteers on that date to finalize plans for OutFest 2017.

OutFest scheduled for Sunday, October 8, 2017

After meeting with city officials on 8/22/2017, Philly Pride is happy to announce that OutFest  2017, Philadelphia’s unique celebration of National Coming Out Day and the largest NCOD event in the world, will be held on Sunday, October 8.  There was some concern that Old City Fest and a home Philadelphia Eagles game were scheduled on the same day, but the details have been worked out.  So enter the date on your calendars.

PrideDay 2017 Financials

PrideDay Gross Income
Wristbands                              $92,871.00
Beverage Sales                        $20,712.00
Amusement Income                   $580.00
Merchandize Sales                    $1,109.00
Registrations                           $10,500.00
Total Gross Income      $125,772.00

PrideDay Expenses
Penn’s Landing costs                        $27,2341.10
Beverage Purchase                              $11,699.42
Money Management                            $9,600.00
Amusements (kick-off)                        $1,408.00
Promotions/Graphics                          $7,700.00
T-Shirts                                                    $1,547.00
Entertainment                                     $29,685.00
Insurance                                                $4,040.00
Transportation (golf carts etc.)           $3,315.00
Radio Rentals                                            $600.00
Port-a-potties                                          $2,314.45
Permits                                                        $275.00
Photographers                                           $400.00
Consultants                                             $2.500.00
              sub total                            $102324.97
Outfest 2016 past due debts             $20,984.00
Total Expenses                           $123,308.97


PrideDay Income                       $125,772.00
Pride Expenses                           $123,308.97

BALANCE                                          $2,463.03                      


2017 Philly Pride Parade Winners

The most parade contingents ever!   The most vendors at Penn’s Landing ever!  The most attendees ever!  Our 29th PrideDay celebration  was an overwhelming success.  We especially thank the parade winners:

Best Float–Urban Outfitters
Best Non Profit Group — Attic Youth
Best Business (non Bar) — PECO
Best Vehicle — Wells Fargo
Best Bar — Tabu
Best Female Impersonator —  Miss New Hope Cyannie Lopez
Best Twosome or Small Group — Wipe Your Junk
Best Individual — Eric/Fins
Best Theme — Refuse Fascism Philadelphia
Best Performance — Phila. Gay Men’s Chorus
Best Public Statement — Metropolitan Community Church
Best Marching Group w/Sound/Music — Phila. Freedom Band
Best Marching Group w/o Sound/Music — ACLU
Best Visiting Business Group — Greater Atlantic City LGBT Alliance
Best Visiting Non Profit Group — Southern N.J. LGBT Pride
The Gayest in the Parade — Flaggots





Getting Into Penn’s Landing

There is always a crush to buy wristbands as the parade starts to arrive at the Great Plaza festival location.  Adding to the complications this year is the apparent closure of the staircase which led from the Market Street over pass to the parking lot below and then to the North gate along the river.  Things will get sufficiently more complicated as all parade goers descent on the main gates to Penn’s Landing.  Helpful hints are to use the south entrance by the Seaport Museum or purchase your wristbands from the coordinators and volunteers that sell them at parade formation and at 2nd and Market Streets.  You can also purchase your wristbands at a reduced $10 rate at the block party on Friday, June 16.

Keystone Pride Conference

The 3rd Annual Keystone LGBT Pride Conference will held in Harrisburg, Saturday, March 25.  Information on the event can be found Keystone Pride Events.  Our first two conferences were so successful that we outgrew both locations.  State Representative Brian Sims has secured us another space in Harrisburg so we have activated our page and the registration form for any pride group wishing to attend. 

There is no fee to attend this conference. We have deliberately kept it free to encourage all pride groups to attend.  Most groups work on hopes and prayers and volunteers so a registration fee sometime places an insurmountable obstacle to the very groups needing the most help and assistance.  Our conference was intended for Pennsylvania groups, but any pride group wishing to attend should do so.

Please note that this is Saturday, March 25, 2017.  Our previous conferences were on Sundays, but logistics in an almost vacant Harrisburg capital complex made logistics almost impossible.  We hope the change of the conference day will not be a hardship for those wishing to attend.  

National Pride March

hilly Gay Pride has heard about the proposed LGBT March on Washington scheduled for Sunday, June 11, which conflicts with our Gay Pride Parade and Festival. We are working studiously to avoid the impact this would have on our local events. We have our Kick-Off Block Party on Friday, June 9, and the Dyke March and William Way Homecoming on Saturday, June 10, so it is a busy local weekend. A loss in 15% to 25% of our attendance is likely catastrophic, putting both our June PrideDay and October OutFest in jeopardy. Not only does this threaten the viability of Philadelphia’s gay pride organization, it will have a profound negative effect on the myriad of community non-profits that depend on our events.

This event was proposed by a single individual without consultation with local Pride organizations, many of which have their events that weekend. Capital Pride (Washington D.C.) quickly moved to support this event because it would greatly increase the attendance at their festival. Logistically, it is difficult-to-impossible to move our event to another date given our Great Plaza location, entertainment, chair/table/tent rental, obtaining floats for the parade, etc., let alone disrupting neighboring Pride events by our moving to their dates.

PhillyPride made a comment about this event being scheduled the same day as the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York.  We have withdrawn that statement because it appeared insensitive, and that was certainly not our intention.  We apologize.

Make no mistake about it, this event was spontaneously scheduled without any due consideration of those of us who work so hard to keep our local voices heard. It will be a one-and-done Washington D.C. event, and we will be left to deal with the devastating consequences in the future.

We are working on this very difficult matter and we will inform the community of any changes. In the interim, we ask you to write ask the organizers to reschedule their event. We ask you to write Capital Pride at ask them to withdraw their support.